Frequently asked questions

1. What is Plumlytics?

Plumlytics is an omni channel marketing communication and predictive analytics solution provider, we enable brands to acquire, serve and nurture audiences.

Plumlytics is delivered via the Cloud with Telco-Grade Performance and Scale, a pay-as-you grow pricing model, and functionality that is geared towards Online (App, Retail, SaaS) focused Businesses and Agencies.

2. What is Audience-Centric Marketing?

A process to drive audience-centric messaging and conversations across the marketing funnel.

It is important for brands to personalize and aligned messaging with the needs and intent of audience as they go through the marketing funnel stages. This alignment of information flow with the expressed intent optimizes your audiences journey to conversion and continuous happiness.

3. Why is it important to continue marketing to audiences once they're customers?

Marketing solely for customer acquisition is wasteful, remember someone is always marketing to your customers.

There are plenty of alternatives available for your consumers. Customer retention/ loyalty is a marketing issue.

4. How do brands target their audience when 60%+ use ad blocking technologies?

Think differently, align your content with expressed intent: "Entertain me. Inform me. Provide Utility." - Avinash Kaushik @avinash.

5. What are the best practices in using data intelligence to formulate + target audiences based on their needs?

a. Central Audience database
b. Predict & Segment your audiences
c. Target them as they enter a segment with intent aligned content based on prior interaction behaviour.

Experience analytics-driven marketing automation and boost sales.

6. What is an example of predictive analytics inside Plumlytics?

It all starts with knowing and connecting with your audience. Discovering the right audience starts with finding keywords for a business.

Motivated and Inspired by what is next, Plumlytics relentlessly focuses on the addressing the technical challenges of our customers. One of the biggest challenge in SEO/SEM/SMM was discovering the keywords and subsequently filtering out the noisy conversations where a keyword is used out of context.

Plumlytics’ took this challenge provides an unprecedented predictive analytics solution (TrueSearch), which radically improves keyword discovery.

7. How does it work?

Plumlytics is an enterprise-class solution built on top of a predictive analytics foundation to address omni channel audience centric marketing use case. Designed to help you make sense of data and let you use this data intelligence to formulate + target audiences based on their needs.

You can work on several projects for multiple clients within the same account, assign team members to specific projects for collaboration. With our unified dashboard, you can authorize users to work on a specific campaign or across multiple channels simultaneously.

Bringing people around data for discussion has never been easier.

8. What are messages?

Messages are posts & content we detect for your keywords i.e. a search for a brand, competitor or topic along with conversations and the Posts on your social pages.

We've aligned the Plumlytics price model with message counts, so you are charged on how many mentions we track and store for you. The price you pay aligns with your usage.

9. What are brands?

Plumlytics is built to support Brand as an accounting and organizational structure. This allows you to separate brands usage, billing and team access. If you manage large brands and want to use this feature, simply click on the top left inside the app to bring up the option to add Brands, each brand has it's own billing with the capability to bundle sub-brand groups in a single brand.

10. Why are predictive analytics so important?

Predictive analytics explores data to forecast trends and behavior patterns. Plumlytics software breaks down this information, visually and is used to build analytics-driven digital experiences across individual channels.

11. What sets Plumlytics apart from competition?

Analytics-Driven Marketing Automation across social, email, web, in-app & beyond.

12. Who does Plumlytics help?

From agencies and community managers to CEOs and businesses, Plumlytics has features and tools to support the social, email, web and in-app marketing management needs of businesses big and small.

13. Who do I call if there is a problem with the software?

If you’re experiencing any issues with our software, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or message us through the PlumMessenger @PlumCareTeam

14. Are your subscriptions yearly commitments?

Most our plans are on a month-to-month basis, with the exception of offer special offers, custom packages. Contact [email protected] to inquire further.

15. How do I adjust or cancel my subscription?

You have full autonomy to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime through the platform. This can be done through Brand Management> Billing. Your upgrade/ downgrade charges will be prorated and they will appear on your next monthly bill.

16. Can I get a refund if I cancel?

If you wish to deactivate your account, you can do so through the platform and your subscription will be terminated immediately. At this stage we don’t offer pro-rata refunds on a partial month of service that you have already paid for, in the future we have plans to add this feature. Please see How can I get more information? You can request a demo.

For more information. Email us directly at Customer care, or check out our Help page and be sure to check out our videos on YouTube