Social Customer Service

Enabling Five-Star Customer Care

We a very proud of our Social Customer Service – it makes managing your customer enquiries easy and efficient by neatly bringing together a rich set of features, but put together in a way that makes simple to work with. Thanks to our ability to analyze the context of conversations we can make sure your social inbox has the most relevant enquiries ready for you to manage. And we don’t just look for existing customers, we help you find potential new ones too, all within one fantastic interface.

Centralizing Customer Communication

Plumlytics manages all your social inboxes and prospects in one place ensuring that you need never miss a customer communication again. Whether you are dealing with advocates, prospects, or customers in need of support our inbox allows you to see every message.

Contextual Filtering

What really makes Plumlytics so effective is the ability to apply context to social conversations. When you manage your social customer service through Plumlytics you can make sure that your inbox receives high quality contacts based on their social posts related to you and the rules you choose.

Maximizing Productivity

Managing a large inbox isn’t an easy job, but our productivity boosting features mean you can use a wide set of rules to not only improve the relevance of consumer contacts and leads, but also manage how those contacts are most effectively routed within your team. Brought together this makes resolution management a much more productive process, not just for you, but your customers as well.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

In a world of instant gratification consumers’ expectations on customer service have never been harder to meet. Brands that can respond quickly and effectively nurture more satisfied customers, but Plumlytics aims to help you go further than this. Using our context driven listening you can find potential prospects to engage – giving you the opportunity to impress and develop new customers.

Building Brand Advocacy

Developing a community of advocates is a powerful marketing asset – and one Plumlytics is set up to help you achieve. Identifying your best advocates and engaging with them effectively will help you to grow your advocate network in both size and quality.

Personalized Brand Experience

The Plumlytics bots will work for you 24 hours a day to filter social content to deliver to your inbox any messages that fit the rules you set based on the type of author who’s posted or what the post contains, to help you find product users, prospects or anything of interest. You can also visibly tag messages based on filters that highlight the most important ones to you – all in a few clicks. With you inbox so helpfully sorted your focus can be purely on how to give a valued and personal experience to help develop your brand.