Content Marketing

Analytics-Powered Discovery and Publishing

Content is at the heart of everything in Plumlytics so we make have made finding content, creating content, publishing content and tracking content highly effective parts of an end-to-end content marketing solution.

You maintain complete control over your content, and thanks to the little-genius who learns as you use Plumlytics to help you get the very best results from your content strategy.

Content Discovery

Whether you are creating your own content or looking for content to share with your audience Plumlytics uses smart tools to help you. We can identify the context of information in a way that cuts out noise, leaving you with the most relevant results. When you use Plumlytics you'll learn the power of this and how we can help you to master your social media strategy.

Authoring & Publishing

We developed our authoring tool to give you the very best experience when creating content. We show you how your post will look on each platform as you author it so you have complete control over outputs, and how much you tailor posts by channel. You just want to post right now? That's no problem, we have a Quick Post feature for when you need it.

Within Plumlytics you can set up campaigns as you choose, so you control everything by schedule, channel or campaign. Managing your publishing effectively across multiple channels is one of our core strengths and once you've used it you'll find out what makes it so popular.

Intelligent Schedule Optimization

When is the best time to post on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram? The answer depends on how your audience engages and what you are posting about, and that's what makes the way we predict the best time to publish so clever. As you post our little-genius watches, listens, and learns, building a profile that can help you optimize not just for channels, but for content within those channels.

We do the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on telling the story you want to tell.

Attribution at Post Level

Attribution is another powerful feature to help you manage your social media performance. Not only does Plumlytics integrate with Google's Campaign URL builder so you can track your posts through your Google Analytics, we also enable attribution through the sales funnel so you can view social media ROI the way it best suits your objectives and goals.