Audience Management

Manage Your Twitter Followers The Easy Way

If you want to grow your social media audience you need the right tools not only for managing content, but tools to manage your audience too.

Build Your Audience

With Plumlytics twitter audience management tool you can see your audience in a number of ways to help nurture growth and quality. Who’s are my new followers / un-followers? Who are my most and least active audience members? Are there people following me I’d like to follow back, or people who you’ve followed but don’t add value to your social strategy? With Plumlytics it’s easier than ever to make audience management part of your social media routine.

(Re)Engage Your Audience

Within Audience management you can directly tweet to any of your audience to re-engage with a personal message. This makes building, or re-building relationships through Twitter quick and easy. You can also see and engage with their latest posts without even leaving the page.