Social Media Analytics

High Performance Dashboards & Reporting

Plumlytics brings together a collection of highly capable social media analytics tools to help you develop a thorough understanding of your social media activities and execute a more effective social media strategy.

Across four key areas – Brand Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Competitor Monitoring and Social Listening – Plumlytics has all the dashboards and reports you need with limitless customization opportunities to make sure they suit your social media analytics requirements.

Brand Monitoring

Brand owners can develop deep and meaningful insights from social data. Whether you are monitoring brand health using our sentiment analysis algorithms, share of voice amongst key competitors or brand reach, Plumlytics has a range of reporting widgets designed to give you flexibility in managing the brand metrics that matter most to you.

Performance Monitoring

With Plumlytics you can monitoring the performance of your social campaigns, even linking them to sales funnel activities, so understanding what is driving your social media success at a variety of granular levels can be achieved with ease. You aren’t on your own however, as our AI is always learning how to support your content marketing performance more effectively as well.

Competitor Monitoring

No brand exists in a vacuum, and however well brands perform on social media, knowing how your metrics compare to the competition or other benchmark brands is a great way to get a true understanding of relative performance. Whether you want to learn from others, react to their posts, or simply track your performance versus theirs, Plumlytics has the information you need.

We do the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on telling the story you want to tell.

Social Listening

Whatever or whoever you need to monitor Plumlytics is a highly effective social listening tool. Track #keywords and @authors with precision thanks to Plumlytics advanced AI driven context understanding. With such vast amounts of social data, stripping out the noise of matches that are used in the right context is essential to maintain reporting quality, and that’s exactly what we do. That’s just the start. When you set up monitoring boards you can analyse historic mentions, or use our powerful streaming widgets to give you and your team real-time reports.