Plumlytics helps you deliver the Right Message,
to the Right Audience, on the Right Channel, at the Right Moment.
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What is Plumlytics?

It's a cross-channel analytics-driven marketing automation platform that integrates rigorous automation and analytics, allowing you to do more with lesser marketing spend.

With built in social revenue attribution, ROI calculator and campaign marketing funnels, gain unparalleled marketing discipline and align marketing efforts with buying processes.

Plumlytics is Enterprise-Class & Agency ready with the expected automation, team collaboration and very high-end predictive analytics.

Data-tech and operational savvy marketing agencies, we've got you covered. You can create powerful pitches and run client campaigns efficiently and intelligently using Plumlytics.

Perhaps one the most important aspect of Plumlytics is that it places the audience first. It’s the only platform that connects you to your audience on all the channels they live on — at the same time. No more disparate silos, no more redundant reports, and no more missed opportunities. Plumltyics centralizes your audience data in one place, and gives you the insight and reach to create measured cross-funnel, cross-channel engagement experiences.

Robust Analytics

Plumlytics' analytics foundation allows you to increase engagement by utilizing data intelligence gathered in the platform to deliver highly optimized personalized experiences in real-time across channels.

Cross-Channel Publishing

Audience don’t just live in one channel, they are not all in the same stage of buying cycle. So your marketing platform shouldn’t be limited to one channel or cater to buyers in one funnel stage either.

With cross-channel capabilities to capture, analyze and act on data across social, email, web and in-app, Plumlytics lets you manage and connect with your audiences wherever they are in your marketing funnel and help you gain visibility across channels.

Measurements that Matter

Plumlytics' provides social revenue attribution down to a post level and simplifies tracking campaign performance with built in ROI calculator in 3 categories of, Acquisition, Behavior and Outcome, following the extensive research by Avinash Kaushik .

To further streamline measurements, we have baked a marketing funnel framework into the platform. You can now visually see and measure your campaign effectiveness along the funnel stages of:


"Be seen by everyone"


"People thinking to buy"


"People wanting to buy"


"People who are your customers"

"What a Product"

That is what they say about us

"Plumlytics a SMM game changer"

Manuel Director of New Business at Clicmark

Breaking Through

Instead of focusing on crazy hard work to find insights, we have learned how to master the art of analytics-powered marketing automation.

Acting on your behalf to keep your audiences engaged with you. Thinking like humans.

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Robust analytics-powered audience centric marketing, it sounds like a mouth full non-sequitur content but it's a more profitable strategy, helps with faster business growth and lowers customer churn.

Marketing automation gains you efficiency. Marketing analytics gives you intelligence. Adaptive Marketing combines the two for solid Marketing results.

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