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Analytics-driven Marketing Automation Platform

Audience-Centric Marketing across

Social, Email, Web, in-App


Analytics-driven Marketing Automation Platform

Audience-Centric Marketing across

Social, Email, Web, in-App

Plumlytics enables you to experience analytics-driven marketing to boost sales and increase customer retention. 

What is Audience-Centric Marketing?

A process to drive audience-centric messaging across the marketing funnels.

The Audience Happiness Journey.


Three Critical Processes Combined

Drive more conversations across the marketing funnels and grow your business


1. Brand-Building

(Social Media Business Marketing)

Understand and make sense of conversations across social media to gain valuable influencer, topic and hashtag insights on targeting and content messaging to best communicate with your audiences. 


2. Sales-Enablement

(Site Visitor Marketing)

Understand which content drove the site visit and how the visitor behaved on your site. Capture your visitor's attention through audience-centric messaging and website personalization. 


3. Audience-Happiness

(Subscribed User Marketing)

Predict happiness of your users and proactively manage your subscribed users to reduce churn. Gain visibility from what drove them to convert and what will keep them as your customer, preferably for life. 


Three Critical Databases Combined

Everything you need to know your audience wherever they are and drive more conversations across the marketing funnel.


1. Fans/Followers

You want to keep the Fans and Followers you have worked so hard to gain. Manage Fans and Followers, see who left your tribe and who joined. Build LIKE @soandso follower base and increase you organic reach.


2. Site Visitors

Track site visitors to source content and see how they behave on your site. Use predictive analytics to understand and drive visitors through the funnel.


3. Subscribed Users

You want to keep the customers you have worked so hard to gain. Stay in contact communication with them across all touch points. Be proactive in tracking user happiness through predictive analytics. 


Three Awesome Capabilities Combined

Enterprise-Class Ready.


1. Predictive Analytics

Analytics is not an after thought, it is baked into the product. Build data driven dashboards tailored to your needs, gain real-time visibility over your brand, influencer and follower audiences, and competitors. 

2. Team Collaboration

Analyze performance in real-time with your team, create more feasible content and media strategies more quickly, and realize greater returns, when teams see and collaborate around data.

3. Peak Performance

Deliver data insights to teams on what’s working and what’s not, understand who and what is driving conversations and conversion to your website, and shift from data exploration to data advantage.


Led By Performance

Plumlytics is designed to bring your team together for better decision making

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Designed to reduce eye strain



Designed to reduce eye strain


Who benefits from Plumlytics?

You do!

Plumlytics is a tool for Online (App, Retail, SaaS) Businesses and Agencies to Acquire, Serve and Nurture audiences via social media fuelled by predictive analytics and comprehensive reporting.

Data does not lie.. Predictive analytics will bold'ify your Brand! 

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What makes Plumlytics so special?

It's Plum because you can share and collaborate around data to make better business decision.

No more standard dashboards. You build your own real-time dashboards filled with analytics and reporting widgets to share and collaborate on with peers, customers and prospects.

Embed your widgets in an app, on your website or social channels.

Sound good?

What does Plumlytics cost?

Budget shouldn’t limit features. Our packages are priced based on the amount of space you use for monitoring and reports.

Not sure what that means? Check out our usage based pricing model. We think you'll like what you see. 

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Audience Centric Marketing

Acquire, serve and nurture your audiences


Audience Centric Marketing

Acquire, serve and nurture your audiences

I waste countless hours sifting through analytics data manually to create my own charts and graphs. The time spent creating these reports manually is time that could be spent re-strategizing on how to increase traffic & engagement to my clients’ profiles.
In comes Plumlytics - a tool I believe will change the marketplace and set a much overdue standard in our industry for audience management across channels.
— Catherine Mendez | Account Manager for Torani Syrup
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